He is a Thief, Con Man & Liar! - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Mohan Saravanan of Dot World Technologies

Posted on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 at 7:18am CDT by a0e58d15

Product: BPO, SEO

Company: He is a Thief, Con Man & Liar!

Location: 103, National Highway 205, Kilpauk Garden Colony, Kilpauk
chennai, TN, 600010, IN

URL: http://mohan-saravanan.com/

Category: Other

Mohan Saravanan of Dot World Technologies (www.dwtbpo.com), will take your money under false pretences and then not live up to his guarantee.

He will promise to do work in a certain manner and obtain a specific set of results. He then proceeds to do work in a completely different manner! When he does not obtain the results that he committed to and you request a refund, he says he will comply but never does.

He then stops answering emails.

Do business in the country you are located in. If someone lets you down you will have some recourse. If you deal off-shore with India based companies and they screw you, just like Saravanan did to me, you have no recourse at all!

For further information email: Screwed by an India base company ([email protected])!

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XYZ X., 2013-01-20, 04:01PM CST

The same thing happens to me as well. But in a different way. I have 9 years experience in IT industry. He hired me for work from Home recently in the previous year. But he didn't pay me. I have sent so many mails and calls to him but no response. Lately he avoided to reply mails and phone calls. If suppose he attend the call also he said harrased words. Job Seekers do not join with this company. He will get name thru' your work - He used all your knowledge and throw you out without pay you anything or at least 2 months salary pending always or paying your previous month salary on the next month end that is after 2 months.

He is also do fraud things in other company names also - DotInfo Tech in Kilpauk, Webexpertsspot and so on. He called his company in different names. So I have a doubt of whether he is a registered company owner or registering one company and having so many unregistered company names???!!!

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