Visible Changes - Memorial City Mall

Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2012 at 3:15pm CDT by 0d26e9f0

Product: Hair Cut

Company: Visible Changes - Memorial City Mall

Location: 303 Memorial City Way Ste 810
Houston, TX, 77077, US


Category: Other

After going to Visible Changes in Memorial City Mall last night, I now have the WORST HAIR CUT EVER!!!!

I took photos along with me to show the hair cutter what I wanted. I also asked for one half inch off the ends, and LONG layers. Yesterday I had waist length hair. Today I have shoulder length hair. It is very uneven and looks TERRIBLE!

The hair dresser I was assigned to did NOT take time to look at the photos I took along, nor did she ask me ANY questions about my hair. Her hair cutting techniques consisted of her combing my hair upward and cutting. She NEVER combed it down, pinned parts of it up and cut it the correct way. That is why it is now so short...

After the cut, when I was unhappy, she called the manager over. He comped the cut. Not that a comp helps my hair! As I tried to explain to him the lack of communication, she responded, Do not be lying. That is when I nearly took her head off, but walked out instead.

Not only did she not know how to cut hair, she responding to me by saying I was lying as I was trying to give the manager my honest oponion about her service.

She needs some professional training not only on her hair cutting skills, but on customer services as well!

I would not recommend that ANYONE go here for a hair cut!


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