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Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 at 7:32pm CDT by e3323f8c

Company: MWD Planning Centre

Location: aurora, on, CA

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I posted this opinion on and they censored it!!! they believe in fascism!!

Placed an order for doors and windows with sales person Greg M. installation was with my contractor.

All were promised to be ready in 3 weeks. It took 5 weeks for the windows and 8 weeks for the doors this set back my project and cost $$$

Problems with windows- the window frame sash that goes into the wall was not standard wide and narrow by 1.5 inches. Sales person said "I assumed the width". It took my contractor 2 hours to remove and custom replace them at a cost $240.

Problem with Doors- the Sales Person Greg M. did not tell me that it will take 8 weeks for the doors. when delivered late it was wrong material and not fiberglass woodgrain. After much argument they decided to take back the doors for a refund

Refund- when I was refunded I was short changed by $200. Greg M. alleged that the discount which was originally applied to the whole invoice Now applies to the doors only!!.

Greg M. then stated "We no longer wish to deal with you"

I will see how the windows will perform in the near future then we see Who is going to Deal with Who!


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