HarvestSEO - The Truth about Michael Alan Turner of HarvestSEO

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Company: HarvestSEO

Location: Cagayan de Oro, 9000, PH

URL: http://www.harvestseo.com/

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Ignoring a bully and not descending to his level by retaliating in kind is considered as the mature thing to do. However, when the bullying escalates to threats on your livelihood and safety, you have to start defending yourself

The purpose of this article is to shed light to the real Michael Alan Turner, and the business and psychological harassment he's doing through his company HarvestSEO.

Michael Alan Turner is an American expat facing multiple cases for grave threat, felony (back in the US), and two shooting incidents. One ended with two victims dead and the other involving an alleged car smuggler who used to be a very good pal of his (they are now fighting because Turner couldn't pay for the motorcycle he bought from said car smuggler. Go figure.).

After his arrival in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines in 2003, Turner and business partner Marisyl Castillon founded HarvestSEO Computer Services. In just two years, Turner and Castillon hostilely parted ways. That separation was further antagonized by harassment and threats by the former.

After HarvestSEO Computer Services folded, Turner approached Sticky Media Solutions, Inc. (SMSI) in 2006. Still bearing the company name HarvestSEO, he offered to provide additional clients for SMSI while it, in turn, will provide manpower and services. He did not bring any money into this business jointure.

The arrangement may have worked if not for Turner's propensity to withhold clients' payments for his personal use, and thus compromise the salaries of SMSI employees. He also deluded himself into believing that he is a major shareholder of SMSI. The board of directors grew tired of Michael Turner's disgusting business attitude and started negotiations for a smooth separation and turnover in 2011. However, due to the man's unreasonable demands and hostile takeover (he changed all door locks of the SMSI office, concocted a fictitious story of threat against him, and hired a security company'all done without consent from the board of directors), the negotiations fell apart in July 2011.

Heavily indebted due to Michael Turner's antics, SMSI was dissolved and its employees abruptly lost their jobs.

In the aftermath, MEARA Interactive was formed by the former SMSI board of directors. Legally released from their contracts after the dissolution of the former company, many employees returned to work for MEARAI. Everyone hoped for a new start and a brighter future untainted by the presence of one Michael Turner.

Unfortunately, since getting wind about the newly-formed company, he harassed, threatened and bullied the employees and MEARAI's board of directors to capitulate to his demand: continued receipt of shares from the company's current income (earned completely without the man's involvement).

Turner's strategy now is to use his company to create this preposterous image of being the wronged party. What's worse, he is now attacking not only MEARAI but also its clients.

This writer entreats the public to be cautious about negative reviews and comments posted on forums and blogs by unknown individuals whose online presence only started within the past year, and most especially within the past month.

Be careful who you should trust. Don't be fooled by a person with a questionable character and a track record of failed businesses, harassment, and crime involvement. Beware and be aware of the conniver Michael Alan Turner.

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I've found several local news articles and a video about Michael Alan Truner's involvement with a murder case and connection with an alleged smuggler:





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