Monroe Shocks - Monroe Rebate - Pushback - Delay

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012 at 2:57pm CDT by ec550ccd

Product: Monroe Shocks Rebate

Company: Monroe Shocks

Location: P O Box 9109 Farmington, MI 48333-9109
Farmington, MI, MI, 48333, US

Category: Other

I was eligible for a rebate from Monroe for shocks purchased at Sears Auto Center. They declined to honor the rebate because it did not have an "item" number on the form that they required. I did provided all the information that was on the very detailed Sears receipt, including the PN that was on that receipt. I have now gone back to Sears and gotten the obscure "item" numbers (not PN) that they want and resubmitted the claim. Just think of everyone who bought shocks at Sears that will not follow through and lose the rebate. They would not even let me fax the documents to them, one more impediment to submitting of claim.


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