Lowe's - Lowe's Carpet installation rip-off

Posted on Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 1:02pm CDT by 968e728e

Company: Lowe's

Location: Grand Rapids, MI, 49512, US

URL: http://www.lowes.com/

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Two months ago I paid Lowe's to come out and measure my house for flooring. I specifically told the measurer that I didn't know what type of materials I wanted where and that I was having him measure so I could determine on my own how much it would actually cost me for whatever type of product I wanted installed. I had a VERY hard time trying to get the actual measurements of my floors from Lowe's. Each time they would say they would call the measurer and he would give them to Lowe's. It never happened. They would always fall back on the "It depends on what you are having installed" . I told him that the size of my floors didn't change based on what I was having installed. I still wanted the measurements that I had paid for so that I could figure out how much material I really needed and whether or not what I was choosing would fit my budget. I already knew about the adding 10% extra for additional materialI would have done so. . I pointed out to them that there was no contract signed saying that the service was only if I purchased materials, I paid for this service completely separate from purchasing materials. For all they knew I may have wanted to do some installation on my own. After all, Lowe's is for the weekend warrior.

To make a long story short, Lowe's refused to give me my floor measurements after I paid for them to measure my floors. They refused to give me the "drawings" that the contractor made of my floors and the measurements he came up with.

The only reason that I can come up with for them doing this is if they are being dishonest about the measurements that they are using to determine your costs for labor, materials, and installation. Don't trust Lowes's. I got my money back and I definitely will not allow them to do any flooring installation for me in the future.

My suggestion for everyone who reads this is this: if you do decide to go with Lowe's, who I wouldn't recommend, get a copy of the diagram of your floor from the measurer on the day of the measure before he leaves your house, which I actually did. I'm only writing this complaint so that people will see for themselves how this company will try to rip you off in case you aren't as savvy as I am.

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37ea96ed, 2012-07-18, 01:27PM CDT

Hi, I'm faced with a similiar dilemna.

But, when the person came out to measure my house last week, I told him that I definately wanted carpet.

Their estimate came in high, and I want another company to provide an estimate. I'd prefer not to pay the 2nd company to measure it again.

I called Lowes to receive a copy and was told the person needed to talk with a manager because they don't usually give them out.

My credit card has already been charged. Why can't I just get a copy?

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