Geary Group - Geary Interactive, Geary SEO, Geary Group Criminal Complaint for Estafa (Swindling)

Posted on Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 3:57am CDT by 97313c92

Product: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Company: Geary Group

Location: 401 West A Street, Ste. 360 San Diego, CA 92101
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92101, US


Category: Internet Services

Geary Interactive signed up a five-year contract with me and my outsourcing SEO company on July 15, 2009. In October 2011, Geary Group, Inc. ( breached this contract when they conspired with a group of my former employees to transfer their SEO services to them. This move was in clear contradiction with the contract my employees signed that stated that they were NOT to deal with any of my clients for a period of one year after termination. In addition, the contract I had with Geary Interactive, LLC plainly stated that they were NOT to employ any former employee of mine for a year after the termination of contract. As regards termination of contract, the outsourcing agreement I had with Geary Interactive stated a notice of 90 days had to be given. I received no such notice. The detailed law suit I have filed against Geary Group can be found at content/upload/MichaelVsGearyGroupMearaEt-al-EstafaAffidavitComplainte-filed.pdf

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Settlement: I have no desire to resume my relationship with Geary Interactive as they have proven to be co-conspirators in a fraudulent act that has cost me and my company millions of pesos. The civil damages they cost me amounted to $2,300,000 USD. I wish for an amicable settlement and an additional amount of $3,000,000 to do this, to drop the criminal charges against them.


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f89e7b2e, 2012-06-24, 10:25PM CDT

This person is rude and a bully. He took advantage of all hard work the Filipinos did for him. Michael Alan Turner is also involve with a criminal case and connected with an alleged smuggler.

Anonymous, 2012-06-25, 10:06PM CDT

Question: How did you come up with that amount of money for civil damages?

Now my comment: I sympathized with you at first, but then I found this website:( ) Now this might be an effort of the company you're pressing charges on, but this other site is written by an American:( ) I therefore deduced the following:

1. They were not your employees. You don't own StickyMedia Solutions Inc. (Why are you carrying that name?) You said it yourself here: ( ) "Harvest SEO is my American Company. Sticky Media Solutions is the Philippines company that handles the work for Harvest. They are separate entities, but oh so closely entwined that in many ways they are the same, but yet not exactly." **Yep, I found myself googling about you, Michael Alan Turner. What can I say, you've got an interesting story.

2. You joined forces with a Filipino Company and you depend on them for manpower. Now I don't know what your business set-up is, but it seems they wanted to separate from you. Negotiations got ugly, the Filipino company went bankrupt (was it also because of you?).

3. With your business relationship with SMSI in shambles, I'm guessing GEARY had to make a decision with regards to business, and they decided to stick with the Filipino company because it was the one who provided them with very good services. Since you have no claims on the said company, GEARY didn't violate their contract.. unless they signed an agreement with HarvestSEO alone and not with the Filipino company.

f00c2d9b, 2013-04-15, 08:29PM CDT

Geary PMG which is now called has a track record of poaching employees who are willing to take with them confidential data.

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