Femminineo Attorneys - Femminineo Attempts to Extort Funds

Posted on Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 9:06am CDT by a2ac0399

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I had been in the midst of a nasty divorce case in 2011 when my original attorney fired his staff and put me in a bad position of having to find a new attorney to take up the case. I was referred to Femminineo Attorneys, specifically to speak with Alison Miramonti, an attorney who claimed to be able to deal with the local judge on the case as well as knowing the opposing counsel. She also told me that my case would be easy and she would be able to help me get what I wanted in the case, including equal custody of my kids.

Unfortunately, as we went, she demonstrated the exact opposite of her original statements to me. She let the opposing counsel railroad us, didn't do any legal research to support our case, even didn't care to help me fight for equal custody of my kids, telling me that the standard one overnight a week and a short weekend was good enough and fair. Whenever I pressed her to ask questions, approached her with letters my ex was writing regarding threats of violence against me, all she said was, "Oh, you'll soon be out of the house, so don't worry about it". I fight for what I believe in and wasn't about to suddenly lose my life and my kids and when I pressured her to be more forceful, she threatened me in telling me she would drop the case. I then fired her before any more damage could be done to my case by her. What I am dealing with now is her boss attempting to extort an extra $1000.00 dollars from, trying to make a compromise, but having another attorney contact me to "help me with the problem" and supports his employee making grievous mistakes on my case. In having my last attorney review the case, where he had to argue with her as she attempted to unethically bill me double charges for making copies, my attorney suggested malpractice on her part and suggested I pursue the matter. I found out that Ms. Miramonti never even made it a point of telling me that I had other recourse to have decisions reversed and have the court look further into the case. I ended up having to pay my new attorney over $18000 to fix her mistakes. This law firm, definitely not working for the best interests of their clients, needs to be investigated for malpractice and even malfeasance.


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