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Posted on Thursday, June 14th, 2012 at 7:29am CDT by 3e0699db

Product: Motorcycle and Auto Warranties

Company: Zurich Insurance Services

Location: 7045 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS, 66211, US

URL: http://secure.zurichna.com/uug/company.nsf

Category: Other

Zurich has a contract with Auto & Motorcycle dealerships throughout the United States the dealerships make money from the sale of these products.

This is why the dealership will tell you this is the best product for your money and vehicle.

They tell you all the good things but fail to list the bad.

They also fail to disclose all the information and details about the warranty contract, such as if you decide to cancel the warranty the refund goes to the lien holder.

Among other things.

You may decline the warranty all together but later find they added it to the sales contract, than you try to cancel and the refund again goes to the lien holder. This is unfair & deceptive act which is covered under the Consumer Protection Act.

Please realise that if you cancel your service warranty contract and Zurich sends the refund to the lien holder than the lien holder is in violation of the Truth In Lending Act of the financial sales contract, because the warranty was financed in with the sales contract, which raises your interest rate, monthly payment, and the extension of the sales contract.

So the only legal way for the lien holder to prevent violation of the TILC is too renew the sales contract or better yet just let the Warranty Company Zurich refund the consumer.

The contract between Zurich and the dealerships kind of create's questionable Anti-Trust violations.

For example if you buy a Ford and the financing is with Ford the Ford dealership will push the warranty contract onto the customer, they make money, Zurich makes money and Ford financing makes even more money if you cancel the warranty contract.

Zurich has an H Clause in the warranty contract which states if Fraud is committed during the sales of its product they will issue a full refund to the customer. But there has been cases forward to Sheryl Gilbert with Zurich concerning fraud been committed and she refuses to refund the customer/consumer therefore creating a breach of contract.

If a warranty contract was pushed or added to your sales contract without permission or you had similar problems please email me at

[email protected]

Your personal information will not be shared with the public only submitted to Attorneys who are licensed to handle these type of claims.

Please be advised depending on where you're located the time to act is within 3 years, other States my be 4 years. But it is best to act quickly.


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