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Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 at 3:20pm CDT by a22f53b3

Company: TIC travel. broker is golden age insurance

Location: ajax ontario
ajax ontario, CA

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i had a terrible experience with tic travel insurance when i ended up in queens hospital on hawaii in february 2012 requiring open heart surgery and 2 bypasses. first they had the nerve to call me direct in ICU only 2 days after my surgery when i was still sedated and could hardly talk asking what my plans were. then they tried to force me to go back to canada on air ambulance but my surgeon said i wasnt stable enough to fly and i needed to have an ablation to bring down my pulse rate which was too high for which they refused to pay because they said it wasnt an emergency. they continued to harrass me & threatened to cancel my policy if i didnt go back to canada which they booked me on westjet on the 22nd february and said if i wasnt on it they would cancel my policy so i went to my surgeon to ask for a letter to allow me to fly because the airline said i could not without a letter from my doctor. thats when my doctor said there was no way he would allow me to fly anywhere since it had only been 2 weeks since the surgery and he doesnt let his patients fly for at least a month after surgery so he faxed TIC a letter stating i could not leave on the 22nd february. TIC ignored the letter and cancelled the policy anyway causing me more stress as i had to survive another 6 weeks with no insurance and hope nothing happened. you can imagine how upset i was even trying to make any sense with them as to why they cancelled the policy for no reason just kept on saying i refused to go home. after that i had to have follow up appointments to have my blood level monitored each week because i was on warfarin & the level had to be checked weekly so they could increase or decrease the warfarin as required. then i had to purchase another 30 days supply of medications on my own when the first 30 days ran out. up to this day 13 june 2012 they have not paid one cent. i keep receiving bills every day now over $200000 that have not been paid. i have been buying travel insurance for over 30 years and this is one of the worst companies i have ever dealt with. the under writer is co-operators of canada so next time you decide to purchase travel insurance in canada be very careful not to purchase this one.


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