US Bank, Loss Drafts Dept - Poor Insurance Claim Processing Service

Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 at 3:08pm CDT by fe4202fe

Product: Mortgage Holder Processing of Insurance Claim

Company: US Bank, Loss Drafts Dept

Location: PO Box 6501
Springfield, OH, 45501-650, US


Category: Other

I am writing to express how extremely dissatisfied I am with US Bank Mortgage insurance claim processing service. On April 28 I experienced severe storm damage to my home, in less then a week the insurance company had an estimator out and completed the assessment. It is extensive (new roof, new siding and refinish deck). The insurance company had the paperwork and the check to me in 3 days, but the check came with US bank name and my name. I contacted US bank and it took over 8 days (to long) to get me the papers and instructions. In the mean time I found a good company and they provided a work estimate. The week of 14 May I mailed a package to US Bank claim processing center, all the forms they needed from me and some from the company, I also mailed a requirement to the company of the things they needed to provide US Bank claim center and left on business for 1 week. I returned expecting some form of contact and waited the week of 28 May but no contact. So I initiated the contact and called the claims center, they told me the company had not supplied the documents needed. I called the company, they said they did and sent me the confirmation email from the US bank Claims office confirming receipt?? So I called the US Bank claims office back, they then told me yes they had everything but the estimate and form W9 from my company...that is when I told them this is absolutely totally dissatisfied with the service they provide, it is the poorest customer service I have ever experienced! The damage (major) occurred 28 April, it is 7 June and I do not have a start date for work. Every house around me has new siding and roofs, the neighbors ask me what is the hold up and I answer US Bank claims. My main issue is lack of follow up by the claims office, to wait until the Loan Holder calls in is simply unacceptable. If they had sent me an email back the week 25 May when my contractor emailed the documents to tell me what was needed, I would probably not be wasting my time complaining. Yesterday I called once again to ask status, they said they had what they needed but it would take 2 to 3 business days to process, then it would take another 8 to 12 days to authorize the initial payment to the company. I have been in the customer service business 40 years; if I operated like they do I would have been out of the business long ago. There is no concern because they have you and you have no other alternative, so you are stuck with what you get. I processed a claim with GEICO Ins and Wells Fargo Mortgage Co on a second home I own, very similar, but much much easier and timely...I am thoroughly disgusted with how US Bank treats customers with claims and I will be looking to re-finance my loan for sure.

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d726e407, 2015-04-27, 11:44AM CDT

Amen, my friend... I submitted a check to USBANK MORTGAGE over a month ago, on March 27, 2015, and I STILL do not have it back.

The other issue is that THEY ARE NO LONGER THE MORTGAGE HOLDER... We sold the property and it was paid off on April 9, 2015.

Crappy customer service.. I'm glad they are no longer my Mortgage Holder.

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