Manzanita Condos - Continious Harrassment & Police just brush things off again

Posted on Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 at 1:24am CDT by d742101a

Product: Manzanita Condos

Company: Manzanita Condos

Location: 4730 East Craig Road
Las Vegas, Ne, 89115, US

Category: Other

Once again my house and son-in-law have been harrassed by the same individuals. The police come out and speak with all parties but once again nothing was done after more than two hours. The complex security was no where to be found. I have report things to the Homeowners Associates, along with the landlord. When is there a limit to things happening is someone going to have to get drastically injured before the police will do something about things. Why won't the homeowner acknowledge the fact that the disturbances will cause more problems over time if it is not fixed


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