Politzer and Durocher, PLC - beware of CRT lens from Durocher

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 3:58pm CDT by 9da5a8eb

Product: CRT corective lenses

Company: Politzer and Durocher, PLC

Location: 4322 Harding Pike Ste 214 Nashville, TN 37205-2654
Nashville, TN, 37205-2654, US

URL: http://www.facebook.com/optometricphysiciansofmiddletennessee/

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I went to see DR Durocher for an eye exam, and to get new glasses.

He told me about CRT lenses said they were $1250.00

I said there is no way i could afford that.

Dr Durocher then said he would give them to me for $1050.

He assured me that they would enable me to see just like glasses, and that he stood by the CRTs and guaranteed they worked.

The CRT lenses made a glowing ring around light sources, including computer and television screens.

This distortion made it unsafe to drive. I mentioned this side effect that made them unusable during a checkup, and he offered no solution or explanation.

I then was forced to invest in new glasses in addition to the $1050 Dr Durocher said he was billing me for these CRT lenses that I could not use.

I should have been suspect when Dr Durocher himself was wearing glasses, which indicated he was not using CRT lenses himself. He talked me into paying $1050 for the corrective lenses.

Dr Durocher said during my eye exam that he would cut the cost to $1050 stating that he would get referral income from my new business.

I paid the $1050 but they then threatened to report me to the credit bureau if i did not pay another $200.

To preserve my credit I was forced to charge an additional $200 that I did not owe.

This whole thing has cost me a fortune and I got nothing useful out of it.

This is my last recourse before seeking legal action to resolve this matter.


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