Miele Canada - Miela Canada product and support is as bad as any cheap brand!

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 11:45pm CDT by Foolmeonce

Product: IntelliQ 200 Clothes Washer

Company: Miele Canada

Location: 161 Four Valley Drive
Vaughan, On, L4K4V8, CA

URL: http://miele.ca

Category: Other

We took delivery of a Miele IntelliQ 200 clothes washer 2 weeks ago. It was exactly 14 days old when it failed with the error "Fault, Close the door and confirm with start!". the door was closed. When i restart I hear a short buzz every 20 seconds or so then the error comes back. I tried opening the door with the key and reclosing it and restarting. Same error. I called Miele customer care line the girl told me a technician would need to come to 'inspect' but the soonest 'appointment' was 6 days away on June 15th. This is for a brand new unit! No offer to replace the unit, just tells me I am on the premium list one of the technicians is sick and there will be a restocking fee if i want a refund and a charge if we cant keep the service appointment. she tells me if we are lucky someone else could cancel and we might be able to get their appointment. Its like we should feel privileged that we got an appointment at all? I ask to speak to a manager and the agent says that's not possible?

I go to miela.ca website to look up a way to escalate, the site shows a Miele consumer affairs number shown is the same number as the callcentre number, the lady doesn't know what I'm talking about when I ask for consumer affairs. I explain why I'm trying to escalate and she says, 'oh, I know, there's nothing we can do about that'.

Miele positions this as premium product and premium support, Its so frutrating to hear them saying that in thier recordings when you call in. Maybe for the people who managed to convince us to part with $3,000 for a washer! We are realizing now we were duped and would be much better off buying 3 LG units for that same cost.

So after spendinmg that kind of money we had cancel our Saturday afternoon plans to instead to find an alternate way get our cloths washed and fight with Miele to protect our investment. We thought this was just the beginning of a good relationship with Miele in replacing our other appliances with them, Our Jenn-Air dishwasher was to be next but the miele promise is even less kept then theirs! Too good to be true? it really is! My wife was so reluctant to spend 3X the going rate for a washer but we wanted a good machine and good service. We were tired of the problem with what brands like Maytag and Jenn_Air became after they were bought by Whirlpool but at least when our new Jenn-Air dishawasher and stove failed they had a tech over the next day. Our friends thought we were nuts for soending that much so it was humiliating to take our clothes there for the second time in two weeks to wash them in thier 10 year old LG machine that has not had any problems.

Things go wrong but its how they are dealt with that matters! How about some premium damage control! fix this and fix it now! replace the DOA machine Monday and we'll be fine with the outcome. Force us to wait 6 days for a the first service call on a DOA unit and you have left a with no choice but to launch a 'buyer beware' crusade to save other from going through this. They never called back they just emailed me back saying the same thing (see below).

This is not German Engineering! Its German errogance!

"From: ********@miele.ca on Behalf Of [email protected]

Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 6:33 PM

To: *****@gmail.com

Subject: Re: broken promise just like cheap brand!

Hello Mr. ******,

Thank you for taking the time to write.

I am very sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced with your washer. While I do understand the inconvenience and frustration, at this time, the first availability we have for service in your area is on Friday June 15th.

The service warranty on appliances is determined by a Miele technician which is why any appliance needs to be inspected and no returns or exchanges are done.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and I will contact you if a service appointment becomes available prior to Friday June 15th.



Customer Contact Centre

Centre de Contact

Miele Limited

Headquarters and Showroom

161 Four Valley Drive

Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8

Phone: 1 (800) 565-6435

Fax: 1 (800) 704-7232

Email: [email protected]


Dont make the same mistake we did! Don't waste your money buying Miele! Its just a "premium" lie! Just go buy a regular machine at 1/3rd the cost and hope it will last 6 years and just buy another one then. You wont feel so stupid like we do now! We cannot rest until they take this machine and give us our money back!


Foolmeonce, 2012-06-12, 10:01PM CDT

I finally got contacted by a Miele supervisor and service manager who have put forth a proposal to make things right. If it plays out as promised then we're good with it all. They do seem to take customer satisfaction seriously. If they fix the breaks in thier process i would buy Miele again. I'm washing off the war paint now. I'll do a final update once we're back in business and can do laundry again.

So we got the new machine and its been fine. We ended up buying a Miele dishwasher in December. So far so good. So I guess this ends on a happy note. It was just sooo much work getting to a manager!

Foolmeonce, 2012-07-15, 01:15AM CDT

So Meile Canada's director of service called me and fixed everything. They gave me the option of a full refund or a new machine delivered ASAP so went for the replacement. They had a new machine delivered and they credited some money to make up for all the time I lost that weekend trying to bring this matter to the attention of a manager. It could be because of how persistant I was and that I had just begun to involve the local media butIi will never know for sure. They said it was my call to Tasco customer service that got the attention of the right person at Meile so cudos to Tasco! Meile did say they are working on a process improvement to make it easier for a customer to escalate to a supervisor to avoid putting someone through this *** again. They seemed fairly sincere so yes I will buy Meila again. However my wife still may need some convincing. Hopefully the washer just does its job for the next 15-20 years and we will be fine.

A note of caution, beware of where you post. I found put the hard way www.pissedconsumer.com does not let you go back and edit your original posting to correct any errors. This is not good and i will never post here again for that reason. I will only use complains.com instead as they seem to be more respected. They let you edit or correct or remover your postings at any time. I would suggest boycotting www.pissedconsumer.com until they correct this.

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