Carol Salerno Andrade is a MANIPULATOR and EXTORTIONIST - Carol Salerno Andrade is a MANIPULATOR/ EXTORTIONIST and is trying to RIP OFF Valley Of The Kings/Ryan B. Adams

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 2:48pm CDT by a9e9551d

Company: Carol Salerno Andrade is a MANIPULATOR and EXTORTIONIST

Location: Las Vegas, NV, US


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We are Investors from England who finance independent film makers. Our criteria for investment is high and comes with monumental scrutiny which is why we have been keen aware to work with this remarkable Director / Producer Ryan B. Adams and Valley Of The Kings Productions. They are our "go to" company in the States and globally for commercials, films TV shows, Industrials. Here is one of their professional links. They film for us in Paris, Russia, The Baltic States Hollywood et al. They have been bringing captivating entertainment for over a decade. We have financed films for over 7 years with Ryan B. Adams and Valley Of The Kings with budgets up to 400,000.00 with amazing returns.

This week we became aware of EXTORTIONIST Carol Salerno Andrade..a waitress and bartender who is trying to extort a 5K dollar video from Mr. Ryan B. Adams. Carol Salerno Andrade has a long history of contracting companies, then extorting them for free services. Carol Salerno Andrade you give waitresses a bad name everywhere. If your tips aren't that great find another job. Further mate, you work at Caesars and I personally will be sending them a draft letter of your EXTORTION tactics and also I will let them know how you are manipulating tickets at Caesars Palace in exchange for trying to further your daughters career. And YES we take this personal very personal because Mr. Adams has amazing credentials and incredible work ethics.

Everyone stay away from this ladyCarol Salerno Andrade is an EXTORTIONIST and a manipulative liar.


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