Whirlpool - Whirlpool Twin Door Icemaker

Posted on Sunday, June 10th, 2012 at 11:25pm CDT by 16db8712

Product: Whirlpool COnquest w/ In Door Icemaker

Company: Whirlpool

Location: US

Category: Other

We purchased to Whirlpool unit because we were interested in having a reliable refridge, and wanted the convenience of the through the door water and ice. What a horrible mistake. Since getting

the unit, we found that the ice maker freezes up and stops functioning every other day. We paid a significant premium for the feature, and have had service here reccomended by Whirlpool repeatedly. The very first service person told us this was a well known problem, and was a manufacturing defect. We had multiple service calls, some from Whirlpool, and paid others to try to solve the issue. Some parts were replaced in the icemaker, but that had absolutely no effect. Whirlpool refused to replace either the refrig or the icemaker. They (Whirlpool Customer Service)ultimately advised us that if we wanted ice through the door, we would just have to defrost it every other day.

Obviously we will never buy another Whirlpool product, and would not reccommend them to anyone.


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