Orleans Homebuilders - Orleans Homebuilders are Terrible

Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2012 at 10:44am CDT by b3c56428

Company: Orleans Homebuilders

Location: Richmond, VA, US

Category: Other

Bought Orleans home in November 2008. From very beginning we have had lots of "little" problems, shoddy work, etc. that we've had to deal with. Biggest problem now is that the up-stairs AC unit will not cool worth a damn. We've had Orleans and their sub-contractor out every year since 2009 to figure-out/fix the problem. Always a "let's add more refrigerant and see if that works". Well, here it is four yrs later and still have the same problem. Now Orleans says they will not take care of the problem since they are a "new" company since emerging from bankruptcy. What a load of crap! It was never right from day one.

Just dealing with them and their non-reponses, terrible customer service and "not our problem" attitide is enough to make me write this.

DO NOT buy a home from these morons!!! Save yourself the headache and frustration and buy from anyone else!


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