PayPal Refuses to Send Statement

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 9:40pm CDT by a7520d54

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Location: US

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I donated $20 with a $0.10 fee. However, the PayPal system offered me without sufficient warning to pay with "e-Check". I proceeded with the transaction because I thought it was the usual process. If there were any notice, then it's design was flawed because the PayPal system misled me to think that it was for the $0.10 fee which I was fine with. Unfortunately this stupid PayPal process may cause me a pending $35 overdraft charge with my bank.

I have never used "e-check" before, and was questioning whatever triggered it. It was hinted that I did not have enough balance in my Paypal account and that caused the "e-check" to be offered.

I intended to get a printed official copy of my PayPal statement to trace and account for whatever happened to the funds prior to the latest $20 deposit.

Customer service declined/refused my demand for printed statements because they said you could just print it off the website. Prior to sending the donation I saw residual balance less than $10. Now there is nothing at all in the PayPal website except for the $20 which I'm transferring back to my bank tonight.

In addition I'm suspecting PayPal has been making me use "e-check" without my due awareness or approval.

Thank you if you could help me straighten out PayPal on this matter.


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