Starbucks - Mistreated by Starbucks Cafe Manager

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 2:42am CDT by 2c56828a

Company: Starbucks

Location: 1501 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA, 94115, US

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?? We treat our customers as we treat one another, with respect and dignity.?? Retrieved on July 8, 2012, from :

To Whom It May Concern:

My first experienced with coffee was with my grandmother who used Folger's instant coffee. I have fond memories of our special time together as we talked; dipping graham crackers in our coffee. As a college student my first experience with brewed coffee was Starbucks and I have been a Starbucks patron ever since. I also had the opportunity to manage a Barnes and Noble Bookstore Cafe that served Starbucks coffee for three years. As a manager I took personal responsibility to maintain the cafe in accordance with company operational standards which included the emphasis on customer service. I understood my role in the service industry; customers were a priority. The customer's experience was critical to the business.

Today, I entered Starbucks cafe at 1501 Fillmore in San Francisco with the intention of purchasing two hot cocoas and a drip coffee.

I had my two children with me, ages 3 and 5 who needed to use the restroom. Immediately upon entering I noticed two long lines, one for the cashier and another for the restroom. I immediately got in line for the restroom and that is when a gentleman asked me for a receipt that I did not have. I explained my situation; I had every intention of making a purchase but my priority was my children who needed to use the restroom. The gentleman was insistent on a receipt even after I explained my intent to make a purchase. While he was enforcing a store policy I was being treated inhumanely and he did not even realize it.

I immediately got in line to make my purchase after using the restroom and I communicated my frustration with the way I was treated to the cashier. In the middle of my conversation the store manager, KIM FAIRCHILD interrupted by asking, "What is going on?" She did not ask me how she could help but instead communicated the store policy of having a receipt to use the restroom. I explained again that I had every intention of making a purchase but my children are a priority for me and I should have been given some consideration. At this point I felt like my experience was being disregarded and I was wrong. I was frustrated and dissatisfied with the situation. The expression on Ms. Fairchild's face, her inconsideration for my dignity and unwillingness to hear me and find a resolve was humiliating. The outcome was one that I did not expect; Ms. Fairchild asked me to leave the cafe. I had not even placed my order. I left feeling mistreated, humiliated and disrespected.

As a patron of Starbucks, whether I am in San Francisco, Los Angela's or Florida, as a loyal customer I should be treated with respect and dignity.

As a result of this experience, I have decided to end my patronage with Starbucks. I will take my business elsewhere, a place where I will be treated with respect and dignity. When a friend wants to meet for coffee I will not hesitate to share my awful experience at Starbucks and choose a different establishment. When I am hosting a meeting or event, I will not choose Starbucks coffee to serve and I will not hesitate to share my awful experience at Starbucks. When I need to purchase a gift card for someone who loves coffee, I will not choose Starbucks and I will not hesitate to share my awful experience at Starbucks.

It is my hope that this situation is brought to the attention of Ms Fairchild. I do not believe she understands customer service and needs education. Ms. Fairchild should consider the possible consequences of her actions and the rippling affect it can have.


Catherine Ames

Former Starbucks patron of 15 years


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