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Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 4:30pm CDT by 820b423b

Product: Damage Claims - Jason

Company: Cox Communications

Location: US

Category: Other

A Cox technician was at my place on July 16, 2012 to address issues I was having with not receiving all the channels on my TV's that had Tivo brand DVR's on them. For some unknown reason he went into a bedroom where there was no Tivo and no issues had been indicated. The occupant of the room was gone for a couple of days & upon returning found the TV facing sideways & all of the connections had been removed. In addition to connection where the coaxle cable connects to the TV was broken/loose. We called Cox & spoke to a technical support technician who instructed us to go ahead & attache the cable & do a channel search on the TV. Since then we get nothing but snow/static on this television unless we are watching a DVD. The technician said she would issue a damage claim and that someone would contact us within 24 hours to make an appointment to come out & do a site inspection to assess the damage. We received no such call so we called back & were again told that they would send an email to the damage claim department & they would call back to set an appointment. They called two days later & when they found out I was at work, instead of setting an appointment with the person who answered the phone said they would call back. Couple more days & no call so we called again. Another email sent to damage claims. Still no response. Another call & we were informed there was a note on the account stating that the TV had been picked up & they were awaiting the parts to repair the TV. WONDERFUL news....only one problem, I WAS STILL LOOKING AT THE TV IN QUESTION. Yet another email with a specific request to speak to the supervisor's supervisor as nothing was being accomplished on the supervisor's level. A call back stating that Cox outsources the damage claims & that we should contact some unknown company ourselves on a long distance number & presumably Cox was washing their hands of the situation. I have no knowledge or relationship with this unknown company so I call Cox again. Did you know that when you call to speak to the damage claims department that you are sent to a call center that cannot do anything more than send an email?!? So I just received a call from Jason, the supervisor level that is doing NOTHING to solve this problem. He begins by lying to me & saying that he has been trying multiple times to call me. Not true! He says it is in his "extensive notes" that he has been calling. Well I suppose he can type anything he wants into the notes, doesn't mean it is true. Just like they had typed in that they had possession of the TV & were awaiting part & yet it still sits on in the same place still broken 4 weeks later. I keep asking to speak to Jason's supervisor as he is not able/willing to do anything to solve this problem other than to try & send me off to some unknown company. He keeps stating that he is the one responsible for damage claims & refuses to pass me on to his supervisor. He is nothing more than argumentative & combative during our exchange & when I mention that the technician should have never been in that room as there was no issue in there, he replied "that he had no knowledge of these events". I asked him why that wasn't in his "extensive" notes as I had mentioned it more than once & it is the root of the problem he is "responsible" for fixing. We were somehow "disconnected" when I again asked for his supervisor's name & number so that they could be made aware of his job performance. I have no idea how, when or if this issue will be resolved & so I am stuck with a broken TV. Please BEWARE & always SUPERVISE your Cox technicians when they come over. You DON'T want to wind up dealing with "Damage Claims"!!!


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