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Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 7:00pm CDT by c3ba9360

Product: T-Mobile

Company: T-Mobile

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I have a complaint about T-Mobile as well, but I probably won't "Trash the store" This is my story, I have been with T-Mobile for several years, since 2004, or so, and many times I am not always able to obtain a signal, and do not always get my calls immediately. Many times they have been a day or two latter, but no big deal. T-Mobile advertise that they are the best provider for cell service, etc...... that they have 96% coverage, well I know where the 4% is. Once, I asked a clerk at T-Mobile why I am not able to get a signal from my home, and other places, she said, "It's because everyone is using their phones at that time and it's to busy."

My mother died this morning, the nursing home tried to call me, and when I didn't answer, Maria and Sarah, both left messages, which came through about an hour later. Of course when I didn't get the calls, I couldn't be with her at the end..... Although Alma, assured me that the nurses and CNAs were with her; I feel that I have failed her.....

T-Mobile you did it again..........



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