catalin - CHEATING

Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 9:17am CDT by 6e1f4df1

Company: catalin

Location: ANTWERPEN, AN, 2018, BE

Category: Telecommunications


I live in Belgium and (by an sms text that i have recived)on my phone (0032483090704)i have found out about you international calling offert.So,after i called 028083621 to Romania mobile and i was charged 0.68 euros,the conversation stopped and i tried to call again to the same phone number (028083621),but the number was not working and its redirected me to your web page ( i saw the option to TOPUP my phone card with 8 euros (wich i did it) and i received an sms from 4785 telling me Dankuwel.Uw beltegoed is verhoogd met 8 euro.Bet het toegangsnummer:025880279 om het tegoed te gebruiken.,i called to this phone number (025880279) and after that i dialed a Romania mobile phone number,i spoke one minute,i was charged 0.38 euros,from my credit that i was having on my phone card (not from the one that i was supposed to be charged,meaning from those 8 euros that i TOPUP my belkraker credit) and after that,supposing that was a mistake,i called again at that phone number (025880279) and after that i dialed a ROMANIAN FIXED NUMBER (that i saw it is charged 1.5 Ct/Min) and i spoked 25 minutes and 38 second AND WHEN I FINISHED THE CONVERSATION,SURPRIZE:I WAS CHARGED AGAIN FROM MY PHONE CARD CREDIT 6.85 euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!So:what is the problem????????????????Why you charge me from my credit a lot of money if i was doing ABSOLUTLEY EVERYTHING THAT YOU WAS TELLING (WRITING) on the sms-es that i received and on your page???????What is this?This is robbery,really!!!!!!I went on to your page and i didnt find not even one PHONE NUMBER or E-MAIL ADRESS where to contact you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On your page,doesnt exist NOT EVEN one option where you can be contacted for complainings or questions.I have all the prooves in my phone and on my computer,i took pictures for everything i if you dontt send me an answer and fix the problem,i swear i will go to the police and i will also write on all the internet pages about how YOU LIE and about how YOU STOLEN MONEY FROM THE PEOPLE.I hope this is not the case to get to this situation.You have my phone number (0032483090704) and my e-mail adress ([email protected]),so,please,contact me as soon as possible and fix this situation.IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY THAT YOU ACTUALLY STOLED FROM ME,IT IS ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU LIE WHEN MAKING THE ADVERTISING AND YOU ARE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.SO IF 1000 PEOPLE ARE LOSING EVERYDAY ALMOST 15 EUROS,YOU GET RICH BY TELLING LIES.I JUST WANT TO USE MY MONEY LIKE YOU SAID THERE ON YOUR PAGE AND NOTHING MORE,I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR LIES.So please contact me into the next 48 hours or i will go to the police and i will also put on all the internet pages possibles,that you are big liers company.Thank you for your time and understanding and i wait for your answer.


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