Radiancy, inc - no company response

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 8:31pm CDT by 5f2ddc3e

Product: no no by radiancy, inc

Company: Radiancy, inc

Location: 150 stewart pkwy
greensboro, CA, ga, US

URL: http://www.my-no-no.com

Category: Other

Instructions for returning the product state you must wait 45 days but not more than 60 to return the product. Not realizing my time frame,I missed the deadline by several days. I phoned the company and stated the reasons I wanted to return the product.The product did not meet my needs. The 45 day wait period through me for a loop. I was told the company policy was a guarantee for 60 days. The fact I went over the 60 days disqualified my warranty. I am not allowed to return the product for even a partial refund.


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