Planned Occasion - Planned Occasion Mrs. Davis ~Will A Real Wedding Planner Please Stand Up~ Columbia, South Carolina

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 3:22pm CDT by 9ff8dbb5

Product: Wedding Planner

Company: Planned Occasion

Location: Columbia, SC, US


Category: Other

When I initially spoke with Planned Occasion, I left the conversation feeling as if I would be "100% stress/worry free", interesting.... My problems began when it was time for me to sign my contract and they began to roll downhill from there...

You can say the communication between this "coordinator" and myself was somewhat non-exsistant; it seemed like the only time I spoke with her was when I called/emailed her. When those conversations did occur, it seemed as if she had an attitude or an underlining issue with my request. I guess she frowned upon the fact that I am a hands on bride who like to be in the know and/or receive occasional updates on upcoming taskings. When I never received those updates, I spoke with Planned Occasion to rectify and hopeful fix the barrier of communication, nothing changed.

Though I signed a contract and paid 50% down, the only thing that Planned Occasion has done for me was schedule my initial meetings with a few of the vendors. "I" found my photographer, my cater, bridal boutique and wedding venue, "my decorator" recommended my videographer, wedding cake vendor and my DJ, "the bridal boutique owner" came up with the timeline for my wedding party, "this coordinator <birds chirping>........

Overall, I felt as if I was simply a project to this coordinator and not a bride, she never took the time to learn me or get a feel for who I am. My issues were not addressed, my concerns were not heard, I was constantly left uninformed and disappointed with my retainers/down payment now gone. I was not impressed and would by no means recommend this coordinator to anyone. Perhaps if I was not opinionated and simply did not care about my own vision, I would have received better service. Fortunate for me, I broke ties with Planned Occasion before my wedding and now able to find "a wedding coordinator"........


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