US Express - Lazy or Stupid

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 7:50am CDT by afb6802a

Product: Transportation

Company: US Express

Location: U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc 4080 Jenkins Road Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
Chattanooga, T, 37421, US


Category: Other

July 30 I was pulling into the T/A truckstop in Jackson Georgia, observed a US Express truck number C4422 pull up to the fuel island and exit his truck, not the fuel but to walk in the subway order and sit down and eat their meal. I proceeded to fuel my truck wash the windows take out the garbage, which probably took me approximately 20 to 25 min. At this time I was starting to wonder if this driver and his wife were just lazy or stupid to be tied up a fuel island while they were eating. I pulled my truck forward and when in to get my fuel receipt And use the restroom. I observed the young couple going into the restroom. while in the restroom I noticed the young man walked into one of the stalls( most people would use a stall to relieve themselves sitting down) but I observe this young man standing in front of the toilet pissing all over the toilet seat. the bad thing about this is there were four urinals available. ( he must be under endowed that's all I can figure out) before I exited the restroom I asked the young man if he pisses all over his mother's toilet seat to. And got no response. As I exited the restroom facility I saw his wife or girlfriend standing there and I asked her if you pisses all over her toilet seat at home to. I called US express and brought this to their attention that after talking to three people all he could say is : What You Want Us to Do about It


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