California Fitness - California Fitness Scam

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 6:21am CDT by e129da4c

Product: Personal Training

Company: California Fitness

Location: Hong Kong, HK


Category: Other

The other day, I went to the California Fitness center in Causeway Bay to join a regular membership program. After joining the club, Fanny, the Fitness Team Leader pursued me to take the personal training course. I was promised for an installment plan for the classes. They ended up charging my credit card at once.

I went to the center for more information accordingly. Hilary, the center manager refused to assist further. She confirmed that the amount has been charged. The only thing she could do would be trying to contact my bank to see if installment could be done or not but no guarantee. If installment couldn't be done, I would have to pay the total at once! I called the Police at the spot.

I went to the Causeway Bay center on 30 July, they said that they could assist in arranging the installment through my bank account. Someone from the Hang Seng bank would be contacting me within today.

I've received a call from a Mr. Fu later. He claimed to be a friend of the Fitness Team Leader and he would like to confirm if I would like to process that installment plan. He confirmed that he was not a staff from either California Fitness or Hang Seng Bank. He claimed to be from an agency which he couldn't even provide a name. I feel so shocked that my personal information would be passed to a third party without my authorization like this.

Apart from that, when they said autopay installment/ disputing the payment, it actually indicates your credit card would be charged at once. You would be talking to your bank about a bank loan and decide how you pay the bank back. That's something they wouldn't tell you about until you make the payment

I can't believe how outrageous the selling method is for such an international fitness group. I joined the the gym because I had trust in this company. Now I feel like it is a total scam. Seriously have doubt in regards to this company.

I have contacted the Consumer Council as well as the Police Force regarding this issue. I just want to let the world knows about how an INTERNATIONAL companies work these days and hope people would think twice before falling into any sugar coated traps.


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