Henderson Hyundai - Henderson Hyundai Bait & Switch!!!

Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 11:52am CDT by fc666ef8

Product: Hyundai

Company: Henderson Hyundai

Location: Henderson, US

Category: Other

These guys are the biggest crooks I have ever met in my life first their BDC phone girl lies to get you to drive there and tells you they have the vehicle and when you get there it has miraculously been sold and isnt even anywhere to be found. then the sales people and managers tell you you have a deal an when you get in their finance office they basically try to strong arm you into buying a load of crap for 55000.00 more dollars and charging inland freight of 895 ontop of doc and some bull VTR fee for 2500 but the worst is how they try to mark their car up 3000 on the window sticker and then try to convince you its for your benefit so they can show you more for your trade this company should reported to the Nevada AG's office and thats where i am writing next. Lets spread the word about how bad Henderson hyundai treats possible buyers together! if you have a similar story respond please


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