Keepers Self Storage and Shipping/Packing Supplies - Keepers Self Storage: A humiliating exercise in aggravation

Posted on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 at 7:02pm CDT by 0f89479f

Company: Keepers Self Storage and Shipping/Packing Supplies

Location: 444 East 10th Street New York, NY 10009
New York, NY, 10009, US


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Keepers Self Storage and the in-house packing and shipping supply retailer should be avoided at all costs. I have had a few interactions with them in the past which have always been unpleasant and stressful due to the unbelievably rude treatment I received from the employees each time- - but today they crossed the line.

There's a reason why no one at Keepers wears a name tag. It is time we send a loud message to ALL businesses who believe that they can get away with treating their customers as if they are, at best, an inconvenience- - -and at worst (like today) disposable consumers who can be openly ridiculed when trying to return an item. That is the treatment I received today at Keepers Self Storage at 444 E10th street in New York City and the incident will keep me from EVER purchasing anything from any Keepers location or using them as a storage facility in the future, and I will advise anyone I encounter who needs storage or shipping products not to use them either.

I purchased 2 bags of shipping peanuts from them to cushion something I had to send back to a manufacturer. On my way home, I stopped at a 99 cent store to buy cleaning products and as luck would have it, I saw a sales clerk unpacking merchandise which had been wrapped in bubble wrap. I asked if she was going to throw it away and since she was, gave me as much as I wanted for free. Even though the peanuts cost a little more than ten dollars, it was now money wasted because I no longer needed them. Since they were unopened, I had my receipt, and in space challenged NYC apartments I don't have space to store them- - I tried to return them. Of course they refused, saying that it wasn't their policy. I read my receipt and it said nothing about a no return policy, nor did I see one displayed in their office. Worst of all, another employee who was seated behind the glass partition with the sales woman I dealt with felt compelled to wave goodbye to me with a smirk on his face from the time my sales person refused my refund until I exited their door.

In the past, every single inquiry I have made with them- - be it for storage pricing, for freight shipping (no longer available there), etc., I have been treated like an inconvenience by their employees who talk to you as if you are a moron and should already know the answer to the question(s) you are asking. Surly, and irritated would best describe this bunch. And if you ever have been "helped" by a sales person who purposely moves in slow motion as if to emphasize their "you have no choice but to do what we want when and how we want" attitude, you know how aggravating that can be. They are more interested in the conversation on their personal cell phone than helping you, the customer.

I live nearby and once when I left a backpack in a cab that had dropped me off in front of their store (within their security camera range), they were wholly uncooperative and would not review their camera footage for me- -so I might get the number of the yellow cab in which I rode and improve my chance of retrieving the backpack. They treated me as if I asked them for a donor kidney - -like "are you serious" kind of condescension.

I urge you to take a stand against this company who obviously thinks rude treatment and begrudging assistance is acceptable to please go anywhere else for your storage and/or packing and shipping needs. Unless you want to pay someone for bad treatment- - then Keepers is the place for you.


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