Posted on Sunday, July 29th, 2012 at 5:28am CDT by 36968235


Location: US


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We opened a A Selling Professionally Store Account with in MAY 2012. Over the two months we sold above 200 products through their website, however, we never received payments for those. In JULY 2010 stopped our activity, AMAZON.COM close our Selling Professionally Store Account and we can't login again. When we wanted to know more and resolve the problem, ignored our effort and they will not even consider discussing it. Our money, of course, never made it to our bank.

We tried calling to find out what is happening only to find out the Seller department taking care of such issues does not have a phone line, our only option is to email them and wait. So we emailed them. After a while when we have got no response, we tried emailing them again, still, no response.

Seems like only knows how to take money away, once they are the ones to pay, there is no one to take care of it, no one to pay, no one to take care of the merchant!


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