Sony Eurasia Pazarlama A.S. - Sony Xperia S - Yellow Tint Problem

Posted on Saturday, July 28th, 2012 at 5:02am CDT by 3c9fd42c

Product: Sony / Xperia S

Company: Sony Eurasia Pazarlama A.S.

Location: Istanbul, 34768, TR


Category: Other


I bought a Sony Xperia S cell-phone. Unfortunately just little time later i got yellow tint screen problem. I left the phone to Teleservice (Sony authorized service in Turkey) 2 weeks ago. Now, I checked the situation of my phone and it is written as 'waiting for spare part'(if they replace the phone with a new one, they write 'waiting for a phone to replace the defective one'). I bought this phone for 1650Turkish Lira. This is almost two times bigger than minimum salary in Turkey. And now they want to repair my phone. I've already checked international Sony sites and realized that Sony has already accepted this error on their first product series AAAB. I trusted on Sony's quality but unfortunately they dissapointed me! If they do not replace my phone with a brand new one, I will directly go to court cause in Turkey nobody can sell defective goods and nobody can 'steal' someone's money. In courts, even the biggest companies loose against customers! I know my rights and I never hesitate to look for it!



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