Papa john - 5310 indianhead highway oxenhill MD,Papa john workplace prejudice

Posted on Saturday, July 28th, 2012 at 3:44am CDT by aa8ffe0f

Product: Pizza delivery employee

Company: Papa john

Location: 5310 indianhead highway, oxenhill maryland, 20745
Oxenhill, MD, 20745, US


Category: Other

I am an employee of papa johns. A general mananger named ULISES a spanish guy fired over half the staff and replaced 90% of the workers with non english speaking, probably illegal, spanish employees or atleast dont have U.S drivers liscences. He thinks no one notices but prejudice is seen in the way he deals with spanish versus african american employees. Just today we were told to take deliveries in same direction and area. He gives a spanish delivery driver YUVONI two deliveries in opposite directions because of knowing the customers will tip and it's a safer area, mind you the rule he made for us to follow was to only take deliveries in the same direction of travel and area. I asked him about it and he tells me "I let him have whatever he wants," which is very unfair. When it's my turn to pick deliveries he tells me "I will send you to the ghetto and you dont have a choice of pick for good deliveries." I told him that this was unfair when we (african american employees) have to abide by rules you impose on us. He tells me "I dont care, you have to deal with it, im the boss and you can leave if you dont like it." He then gets angry and loud yelling at me for speaking out against the prejudice and clocks me out and tells me to go home. A customer misses call for delivery and spanish delivery driver DANNY attempts it but brings pizza back to the store. He then calls customers stupid using profanity and swearing and passes delivery off to african american delivery driver DANYELL to redeliver bad order so that his amigo's the 90% that he replaced the staff with, can have the other good deliveries. He's lazy and sits in the office playing on his phone most of the day. He does not monitor spanish employees. I ask ULISES, general manager of oxenhill maryland store to dispatch employees to their orders and areas where they will deliver to. He refuses to monitor until one of the african americans wants to dispatch their own delivery routes. Then he stops playing on his phone and wants to dictate and deny us african americans the right of dispatching ourselves like the spanish delivery drivers dispatch themselves and tells us "it wont be fair to spanish employees." For us african american workers he checks in our vehicles for stolen soda and accuses african american workers of being thieves. I wouldnt recommend anyone work for ULISES of oxenhill maryland store (5310 indianhead highway oxenhill MD, 20745) until this problem can be removed. This is the very definition of workplace prejudice and i want to file lawsuit if prejudice persist. Please share with regional supervisor if you have contact to him.


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