Wildview - Bait & Switch Tactics Alive And Well

Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 2:41pm CDT by 838666be

Product: Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Bone Collector Trail Camera Model# 119446C

Company: Wildview

Location: PO Box 535189

URL: http://www.wildviewgamecamera.org/bushnell-8mp-trophy-cam-bone-collector-trail-camera/

Category: Stores, Shopping

A business called Wildview is advertising the Bushnell "Bone Collector" trail camera {model 119446C) for $158.10. Three weeks ago I decided to buy one and was told I had to order through Amazon. I transferred to Amazon, went through all the steps to place my order and to paid for it. I phoned Amazon to confirm my order. I found out the camera Amazon was going to ship me was model # 119436, a much cheaper camera. They told me they had no record of the model# of the camera I had just ordered. They had other models available comparable to the camera I had just ordered...if I wanted to pay $40-$70 more. I told them I didn't appreciate that kind of sales tactic. After 20 minutes on the phone I was told this error was not Amazon's responsibility and that I should contact Wildview directly. I have since emailed Wildview on four occasions to explain the time and frustration I had to endure with Amazon; due to their error; and included their webpage address containing the error. I also explained that if i hadn't contacted Amazon to confirm my order, I would now be awaiting shipment of a camera I didn't order or want, and that I would have to immediately re-package the camera for return, only to endure another wait for a credit to be issued to my bank. With a little research I found many similar errors on Wildview's site. Now three weeks later, Wildview has done nothing to correct their website error, and I have received no response from them what-so-ever. I am now convinced Wildview has not corrected the error because they are using the ole "Bait & Switch tactics to sucker us customers into receiving less than what we payed for. I would suggest for anyone to stay clear of Wildview's false advertising and misrepresentation of Bushnell's line of trail cameras.


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