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Posted on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at 11:27pm CDT by c3f58ba1

Product: EagleMark Savings Bank

Company: EagleMark Savings Bank

Location: 222 W Adams St # 2000
Chicago, IL, 60606, US

URL: http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Content/Pages/HDFS/financial-services.html

Category: Other

Has anyone in North Carolina or any other State had any issues with Harley Davidson Financial Services also known as EagleMark Savings Bank.

If so please send your name,address,phone number and your complaint too [email protected]

Law Firm looking into some issues pertaining to this matter for a possible Class Action.

Example of problems.

1.EagleMark Savings Bank changing some items on financial documents weeks later after you have already signed the agreement.

2. EagleMark Savings Bank also known as Harley Davidson financial services having Motorcycle dealerships to add as much to the sale of the motorcycle to inflate cost, Interest, Sales Price. Such things as Warranty Service Contracts whether HD Warranty or one such as Zurich.

3.Telling a price of a bike on the phone only to increase the price once you visit the store.

4.Failing under the Truth In Lending Laws to provide copies of all financial documents that pertain to the sale at time of purchase.

5. Failure to offer financing other than through EagleMark Savings Bank which is a subsidiary of Harley Davidson. which there interest rate is very high. wereas credit unions and banks the interest is much lower.

6.Promise something for free only to change it without your knowledge.

Such as failing to provide copies of documents at time of sale only to mail them too you several days later and you find that the signature isn't yours.

If you had any of these problem or other ones please send all the information to the email listed above.



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