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Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 1:36am CDT by 95ab5ad5

Product: Universal Life Insurance

Company: Western Southern Life Ins.

Location: 400 Broadway
Cincinnati, Oh, 45202, US

URL: http://www.wslife.com/

Category: Other

I am having a problem with my insurance company called Western-Southern Life with headquarters in Cincinnati and offices in Kentucky.. They misrepresented a universal life insurance policy that they sold me in 1984 that is worth $ 50,000. They did the same thing to other customers and they were sued over it through a class action lawsuit. I got a $1225.48 settlement from the lawsuit in 2003. I was still stuck with a policy that I didn't want and could not afford. I have asked them over the years to give me back all the money I paid into it, plus interest and then cancel the policy. They refused to. I have paid over $ 4,675.73 into the policy. I am now homeless and I've been unable to make the payments. My life insurance policy has now lapsed. They told me that they don't have to pay me anything. I was told years ago by some people who worked at the company that if your policy lapses they have to pay you back every penny you paid into the policy. It appears to be a company rule that they don't want the public to know about the refund. My family has been with Western-Southern life for about fifty years. It is despicable how I've been treated. I think the public should be made aware of how badly Western-Southern Life treats its customers.


Elizabeth Jenkins


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