Little Tiny Puppies - Sold by Breeder; Unhealthy Yorkie Puppy

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 6:00pm CDT by Carolyn B.

Product: Tiny Tcup Yorkie Puppy

Company: Little Tiny Puppies

Location: 6514 E. Larkspur Dr.


Category: Pets, Animals

Little Tiny Puppies now using the name: Adorable Puppies on-line

Beware of "Little Tiny Puppies", "Adorable Puppies", seller "Clint Cardinal", breeder "Beth Baird", if you don't want emotional stress & heartbreak from a unhealthy puppy:

Little Tiny Puppies on-line ad: Tiny Tiny tcup female Yorkie firm $1,850. Charged a higher price of $2,300 (Bait & Switch). Seller & Breeder guarantees a healthy puppy, contract means nothing they refuse to stand behind their healthy guarantee. Within 24 hrs of purchase of puppy veterinarian examined and found puppy to have a severe maloclusion = base narrow and brachygnathic, also had blood in her stools and found to have Isospora oocyst (Coccidia). Puppy is still under veterinarian treatment and from day one cannot have normal bowel movements (very painful strain on puppy). To no effect I requested to return puppy within the 48 hours required for full refund since breeder had no other puppy of equal value. To understand the full effect of this breeder: I paid $2,300 when the cost should of been $1,850, vet bills of $3,200 and on-going. I had a lawyer & BBB send a letter, with no reply back from breeder nor seller. Buyers expect a healthy puppy no matter what price they pay, and that's all I wanted was a healthy puppy! Breeder & Seller Refused to take the Unhealthy puppy back, & Refused to Refund my money!


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d801c05d, 2013-11-21, 05:47PM CST

Hi I ran into a similar situation with them. I bought a teacup yorkie for 1000 and had it for 4 days. 3 of those days I was in the emergency pet hospital because I woke up with him having a seizure. He ended up having a liver shunt (which is genetic) and was infested inside and out with parasites. The little guy was so sick but I didn't realize that when buying him because I just thought he was scared and nervous in his new home. Anyway we had to put him to sleep after the 3rd day in the vet clinic because his liver was shutting down and he was in so much pain. I have tried to contact the breeder multiple times and she wont reply to me. I am about to hand this over to my lawyer to take care of now. I spent 4500 in vet bills. It will help to have a voice from someone else who went through a similar situation. If you are interested please let me know! Thanks!

Carolyn B., 2013-12-03, 12:24PM CST

It's very important to file a compliant with the Better Business Bureau. The Bureau will take action if they get enough complaints. If needed I still have the name at the BBB that handled my case. I also see by your comment from 11/21/13, Adorable Puppies has changed name back to Little Tiny Puppies.

d801c05d, 2014-01-02, 08:09PM CST

Yeah that would be great if I could get that contact info from the BBB and I will defiantly put in a report to! I am taking them to small claims court and hopefully that will do something. I am also going to report them to the humane society who can actually shut their business down if they find needed.

Bruce S., 2014-02-19, 03:47AM CST

To all on here in reference to Beth Baird. I found she has more listings on "" She lists her phone number as 623-225-5969. I don't know if that's a number you already had or not. From what I could tell she has about 4 ads for puppies for sale. Don't know if this website will allow it or not, but I'm pasting a link to the ads/her account on here. Hope this helps you out. BTW, she lists in her ad "I dont have a kennel, all my dogs live in the house with me! I have 4 females that i will breed off and on!"

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