Net Tax - Rude & Unprofessional

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 8:49pm CDT by 658cea26

Product: Tax Service

Company: Net Tax

Location: 605 Springville Rd. # A
Birmingham, Al, 35215, US

Category: Other

This letter of complaint is to address the unprofessional manor of the owner and employee??s of Net Tax. Back in 2010 I allowed this unprofessional tax service to file my returns, when I walked in the establishment the receptionist was watching T.V and seemed to be deliberately ignoring the customers. Then after politely asking her for assistance she gave me the impression that I was somehow disturbing her. However, I was referred to Net Tax by someone I trusted so I hesitantly stayed and continued to let the receptionist know that I was there to file my taxes. I then was called to the back after a lengthy wait to meet with Owner who goes by Net whom I quickly realized was not a very pleasant person either. At this point I was about ready to walk out but I after waiting so long I decided to stay. So after all these red flags I continued on to let her file my returns. During our conversation she informed me of my return amount along with her fees. Net also said these fees would be due upon the arrival of my refund from the IRS. After my return date had come and gone I called Net Tax and spoke with Net the owner to see was my refund back from the IRS at this point she informed me that I wouldn??t be receiving a refund and would need to contact the IRS to find out why. Before I could ask any questions or get any explanation from the IRS I receive a letter the next week demanding that I owe her fees for preparing my taxes. At this point I had not even had a chance to find out why I was not receiving my refund and also had been told by one of Net tax clients that Net solicited a child??s social security number in order to boost her refund. After finding out the status of my refund I decided to contact Net of Net Tax to see how much I owed and to inform her what the IRS told me regarding my refund. As soon as she knew who I was she begin cursing my out demanding her fees calling me the B word. I was appalled! I could not believe that a person could be in business and behave this way. I begin explaining to her that I had not received my refund and reminded her that to my understanding fees were not do until your expected refund is received. I felt very threatened and decided to discontinue the conversation by hanging up. Net of, Net Tax continued to call, and harass me. Net sent several more threatening letters. For theses reasons I would not recommend this business to anyone. Net the owner of Net Tax is vey rude and unprofessional and with there being so many other places to receive professional courteous behavior why settle for this type of Unprofessional treatment.


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