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Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 1:17pm CDT by fe4f352b

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I am wondering if you would be so kind as to call Honda Financial on my behalf. I got married. I need/want the title on my car changed to my married name. I called the dmv and Honda to find out what i needed to do as I also need the title changed from Arizona to Nevada. I was told by both that I needed to get the name changed on the title first with Honda and Honda would forward docs to dmv, so that when i go to update my title and registration at dmv they would have paperwork from Honda.

A few days later I got documents in the mail from Honda with instructions. (they included two NV dmv forms i had to have notorized ($5), a request for a certified copy of the marriage license ($15), and a request for a check made out to AZ DOT for $12.44 ($12.44 if they dont change the title but cash the check, and $35 to stop payment if they dont process but refuse to mail me back my check)

I completed and mailed the documents per Honda's request. Three days later Lena from Honda Financial called me to tell me they are going to disregard all the documents I completed and gathered and mailed to them per their request.

I spent $5 to get the forms notorized, $15 on a certified marriage license and sent a check per their request in order to change my name on the title of my car.

When Lena, from Honda Financial called me several days after I had mailed everything back and told me she realized I could just do it all at the same time at the dmv here in nevada I ask if she had received the documents yet. She would not answer me, she just said, "it doesnt matter, I'm not going to process them" I told her I would prefer she go ahead and process them. She continued to argue with me and I finally hung up. Called back to speak to a supervisor, was connected to Jarrod. He would not tell me if the documents were there either. he just told me that he noted everything in my file. ????????????

Honda Financial either needs to process the documents, changing the name on my title from Paula Lewis to Paula Kruse, or they should return them to me along with a check reimbursing me for the nortization of the docs. Not just disregard them.

If they for some reason will not return them, and also refuse to process the name change they need to send me the following reimbursement check:

$5.00 notary

$15 certified copy of marriage license per their request

$35 to stop payment on the check I sent them.

for a total of $55.00

Paula Kruse (Lewis)

Henderson, NV 89011



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