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Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2012 at 12:50pm CDT by Charles Walters

Product: Mohawk Carpet

Company: San Jaoquin Floor Connection

Location: 2000 S Chester Ave
Bakersfield, Ca, 93304, US

Category: Other

In 2005 San Joaquin Company installed a Mohawk carpet in our new house. Within a month, the carpet bucked up in three places. They came and made attempt to repair 3 times - each time failed. Finally they gave us a $200 check to be done with it. Since then, the Mohawk carpet has gotten even worse. The bucked up areas are now at least 1 1/2" high. San Jaoquin tryed to fix it by ironing. Turns out only way to fix the problem is by re-stretching - they never attempted to do that.

The company appears to be earnst in their attempt to resolve problems, BUT they are saling a bad product - Mohawk carpets. The need to drop that product line since it the quality is so poor that problems occur after a short while and do not go away. As such, I would not recommend San Jaoquin company for carpets and definitely do not purchase a Mohawk carpet. There numerous formal complaints in the Consumer Website concerning Mohawk carpets - buyer beware!


Charles Walters, 2012-07-21, 01:40PM CDT

Error in installer. Installer was San Joaquin Interiors - found out from Mohawk that I can file a warranty claim but it must be via the carpet installer. Will be visiting them on Monday. Bottomline - carpet quality installed is not good.

Charles Walters, 2014-02-02, 02:22PM CST

Followup: We had the carpet restretched for $125. Took out 1"+ ridges that were from a poor quality carpet backing. Mohawk refused to do anything without a receipt. The house was new when purchased. San Jaoquin Interiors only hold the receipts for 5 years - we were at 7 with a 10 year warranty.

The problem we had was due to a crappy carpet manufacturer. Recommend use Shaw or some other quality carpet maker, NEVER MOHAWK. They do not honor their warranty and will find ways to stick it to the homeowner.

If you do buy a new home, suggest have the builder give you a copy of the receipt for carpets, plumbing fixtures, and anything else that has a long warranty period (learned this about one of our faucets - no receipt, no warranty replacement).

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