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Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2012 at 4:47pm CDT by c7ce2255

Product: Charmac Yukon 3 Horse Trailer

Company: Luft Trailer Sales

Location: 907 N Hibbs Road


Category: Other

So, we went to pick up our new horse trailer and we notice that it's not we ordered. The dealership, Luft Trailer Sales, has had it for three weeks now with the invoice. Do you think they even bothered to verify it was right? Hell no! Their comment to us, "well we can sell it off the lot". Interpretation, your screwed and we don't care. I would highly suggest NEVER buying or doing business with this company. Family owned and inbreed for over 25 years. Do not ever buy anything from Luft Trailer Sales!

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c7ce2255, 2012-07-25, 06:10PM CDT

As of today I have to withdraw my angry tyrant towards Luft Trailers. While they failed to fulfill my required order and placed us behind the 8-ball I really shouldn't have been so personal. While other clients/customers have probably had major success with Josie and her family, we unfortunately were one of the less fortunate. I only wish they had provided us with alternatives and worked with us. Instead we have been told to take our business else where. Bummer, since the trailer is one their lot and according to the manufacturer they could add the missing part.

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