- Refusing to adhere to their own cancellation policies

Posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 10:43am CDT by 911902f9

Product: transferring big files


Location: Prebase Development BV Schonenvaardersstraat 6 7418 CC Deventer The Netherlands


Category: Other

I have been trying to cancel my account with them in which I pay $14.95/month for as I no longer need their services. This is straight from their website as to how to go about cancelling your account with them.....

"I would like to cancel my subscription. How can I do this?

You can cancel your subscription by sending us an e-mail

You will have to include the e-mail address you used to sign-up with and indicate that you would like to cancel your account. We will ensure that your subscription will not be automatically renewed after the current subscription period ends.

Of course we would love to know the reason for your cancellation. This information will help us greatly in improving the SendYourFiles service."

I have done exactly as they asked for a week and a half straight. I have sent MUTIPLE emails with the info they ask for and I have not received a single response.

This company I feel has taken advantage of me. My advice to anyone interested in their services would be....DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. I even called them (all the way from ontario to the Netherlands) and was ignored 3 times.


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