Verizon - Pricing discrimination

Posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 8:51pm CDT by bd53f167

Product: Verizon FIOS

Company: Verizon

Location: US

Category: Other

I keep getting offers from Verizon FIOS offer bundled service (Phone, Internet and TV) for $99.95 per month. Yet I am charged $121.97 per month for the same service. When I phone Verizon, I get a run around ending without a reasonable justification for the price difference. I feel that I am being denied service at the advertised price and thus being discrimnated against.


0c5ff2b2, 2012-08-02, 01:09AM CDT

My experience with Verizon customer service - on the Verizon Wireless side - has been nothing but positive. I think it's a difference between Wireless and TV.

d168bfe8, 2012-08-02, 12:18PM CDT

What they should have told you is the pricing is for new customers or customers expanding thier service. I did agree to those charges when you siged up, right? If you want the deal,stop your service and then sign up next month.

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