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Posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 10:42am CDT by cb30bcf4

Product: veterinary services

Company: Abilene Veterinary Clinic

Location: 1365 S Danville
ABILENE, TX, 79605, US

URL: http://www.abilenevet.com/

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Called Vet on May 16th to find out what they would charge to put my German Shepard down I was told by Receptionist, Jennifer around $140.00. His hipbone was pushing through to his skin. He had not been hit by a car, that I knew of, kept him pened. When I purchased my dog the sellers made me very aware that this breed and his bloodline was acceptable to hip dysplasia. I was sure this was it and I knew it meant putting him down. In hopes I really was hoping it could be fixed, but I also knew I could not afford that type surgery for him. I made the appt. for May 18th Friday at 4:30 I knew I could do $140.00 and a little more if needed. I was put in an exam room with my dog and the first thing they wanted to do was trim his toenails. I said no, he is going to have to be put down. The tech replied the Dr wants us to trim them, I said NO, she tried one more time. I said look all I want is the vet to look at him see that his hip is bad and put him down. I cannot afford anymore. Ok next I was questioned about heartworm test, vacines, lyme disease test, annual wellnes exams, etc. I said look if the vet can fix him at a price that I can afford, we will do shots. But not till he exams the dog and tells me otherwise. The vet comes in around 6:00pm my appt was at 4:30pm and looks at the dog, I don't recall him even touching the dog, asked about vacines, heartworm medication, how long it had been for last exam. I had already answered all this with the tech. He said in order for me to give anesthesia to exam his hip I must test for heartworms. Then do x-rays. I was ok with this, but didn't get the heartworm test part. The tech took my dog I was shuffled up to the front desk and told I needed to pay $442.66 up front or Dr. Larry Ellis would not do the procedure. I said it going to cost that much for x-rays exam and putting him down. No we are going to give vacines, exams and trim toenails. (Give me a break on the stupid toenails) I said why he is going to put HIM DOWN. I know he has hip dysplasia. Well we don't know that yet. I said I do. Just put him down. Anyway we went through filling out credit application for credit card I told them it would decline, it did, so they took a check #3639 $199.36 and told me to post date a second one for June 8th which was my next payday for the same amount. I said if he does end up putting the dog down you will adjust the amount and give me the check back and I will give you the differance, "Yes we will work with You." So I post dated check #3640 for 199.68 for June 8,2012. They said Dr. Ellis would call me in a little while to let me know what he finds, they were giving my dog anesthesia as we speak. So I left his office drove to Wal Mart maybe 10-15 minutes from his office and Dr Larry Ellis tells me that my dog Bear has to be put down. Not only did he have hip dysplasia in the hip that was sticking out that he had it in both and no surgery could fix it. I said how much will this cost? He said talk to my staff in the morning (Saturday). So I go to settle up and they actually tell me I owe them $28.89 more. I said what all did he do to the dog, they handed me a bill for the total of $442.66 showing shots, wellness exams, heartworm test, lyme ehrichiosis test, Intestinal parasite screen bordetella canine, rabies parvo DA2P two Consultations by DR. Ellis, and I only saw him once, oh yes he did call me,to tell what I already knew. If I just add up the charges that apply to putting a dog down and exam, x-ray, anesthesia, according to his bill I should have only owed him total $228.09 Which they had already put my check 3639 $199.36 through so balance should have been $28.73 which I paid this amount with check 3641. They disagreed, so I stopped payment on check and now he turned it over to Verichek, Inc here in Abilene, Texas.

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Dale P., 2013-11-29, 07:56AM CST

This complaint is against Abilene Veterinary Clinic, However, the URL listed (http://www.AbileneVet.com) is NOT for Abilene Veterinary Clinic...It is for Windmill Animal Hospital. PLEASE CHANGE THE URL for this complaint. Windmill Animal Hospital has nothing to do with this complaint. Thank you!

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