Retriever Medical Dental - Hustled by Credit Card Processer

Posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 8:13am CDT by 8b1f8ba2

Product: Credit Card Processer

Company: Retriever Medical Dental

Location: 115 East Stevens Avenue


Category: Business, Finances

I was hustled by a well rehearsed sales person. I signed a contract with the understanding the new system would integrate with my practice management program the same as my old system. It did not. After using the system once, realizing it was not as promised, I cancelled the service. I cancelled 4 days after the system was installed. The company has been playing hardball with me, insisting I pay their excessive $700 cancellation fee. At this point I am getting nothing but a well rehearsed response from the company, no satisfaction to my concerns. The cancellation fee was in very small print in the middle of a 5 page application form.


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Business Reply  Frank S., 2012-09-24, 10:15AM CDT

As President of the company, I can tell you that our system will work exactly as promised or we will take it back at no cost or penalty. That is in writing in your agreement.

The only reason you would ever be subject to the cancellation fee is if you broke your agreement without ever giving us the opportunity to show you what you may have been doing wrong. We have thousands of systems and testimonial letters that they work perfectly. Many of those letters are on our web site that you posted above.

I would be happy to send our representative in to demonstrate the system. I will be patched in to witness the use. If there is a problem that we cannot fix, we will stand by our written guarantee and take it back at no cost or penalty. Simply violating the terms of the agreement you signed is not a proper way to operate. It is also unprofessional to make a complaint without identifying yourself. We have a B B B rating of A+ and we have processed for over 20,000 doctor's office, many of which are processing through practice management systems seamlessly. This is like a patient placing a malpractice suit on you without identifying themselves or without even allowing you to examine them.

I hope you see the logic in what I have stated. You have nothing to lose to allow us to do our job. It will either work properly or you will not be charged. I don't know how any company can be more fair than that. I will add that this is no special deal I am offering you. We have the best guarantee in the industry already in simply have chosen to not take advantage of it.

I anxiously await your call. 1800-337-3630


President and CEO

Retriever Medical Dental Payments, Inc.

Business Reply  Frank S., 2012-09-27, 09:39AM CDT


Upon further investigation, I believe this to be a competitor and not a client posting this complaint. None of it makes sense. Perhaps that is why it was posted totally anonymously. If it were truly a client they would simply call me for help or they would identify themselves so we could reach out to them.

We have a guarantee that if our program fails in any way that they may cancel with no cost or penalty. Why would anyone not take advantage of that? We can find no outstanding issues like the one listed above out of 20,000 clients. We process nearly 3 billion dollars per year in doctor's funds to their accounts flawlessly. This is the very first such complaint we have ever had in our 22 year history.

If by some slim chance you are actually a client that just went about this issue the wrong way, I implore you to call so we can help you.


President and CEO

Retriever Medical / Dental Payments, Inc.

Doxiades H., 2012-12-05, 02:25PM CST

Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our business is experiencing the same series of issues. We have tried everything and this system makes our life more a lot more complex than our last system. We have spoke to the Colorado rep. Brandon who within the first 30 days asked him to trust that it "will get easier". He seemed to be stalling in order for the guarantee to run out and for them to charge us the $700 cancellation fee. They kept insisting that we were doing it wrong. I have a Doctorate and my wife/manager has a Master's degree. We are not idiots. We have followed all the steps and it doesn't work. The system is garbage and I am not a competitor. I will write a review on every review page until I get a resolve!

da4d8cee, 2012-12-11, 10:06AM CST

This is a follow-on to the previous post with regards to Retriever Medical Dental. The President and COO reached out to me personally to express their concern with fixing what ever issues we are having and are committed to retraining my staff so that we will have success with this system. He Unfortunately I cannot remove this posting as I would if I could. It was written in the heat of the moment.

Frank S., 2012-12-12, 11:20AM CST


Dear Doctor,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clear up your issues. I enjoyed the time we spent on the phone yesterday with our entire team and with our representatve at your location so we were all able to see that everything is working properly and that everyone is trained properly. We will not let you be dissatified. As you can see, our system works flawlessly. If our system doesn't work exactly as described, you may leave with no cost or penalty any time. That guarantee is not only the best in the industry, but it lasts for the lifetime of your practice.

For other readers, please visit for actual images of testimonial letters from other offices.

Thank you again for your cooperation.


Frank Shiner

President and CEO

Retriever Medical / Dental Payments, Inc.

8b20744d, 2014-03-14, 03:06PM CDT

This is a scam, a lady called and said we were in violation of the VISA processing policy!!! Do not do any business with this company. Very rude when I called back to be taken off of their list. She said that we were not in their system, when I just received a phone call 5 min prior. Telling me to go to their web site to fill out forms so we could be in compliance with VISA.

6cefa046, 2015-08-06, 11:22AM CDT

I received a very similar call as above comment dated 3-14-14. The salesperson was trying to "trick" me into their service by saying that I "need to sign some paperwork saying that I am aware that we are paying extra for processing as retail." She continually talked over me and would not let me end the call in a polite way. I ended up asking her to not call us back and hanging up on her.

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