Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 11:47am CDT by ca05f687

Product: Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load High Efficiency Washer

Company: Sears Home Services

Location: US


Category: Other

It is an ONGOING experience!

We purchased the largest Whirlpool Cabrio Washer (over $1100.00 value) 3.5 years ago, and had NOTHING BUT TROUBLE out of it. The drum has had to be replaced twice, the motor once, and then supposedly a bolt kept coming off on the drum as well, that had to be "tightened" twice. Now we don't know what is wrong with it-we suspect suspension imbalance or something, because this "Extra Large Capacity" washer is constantly "Unbalanced" even with 6 article of fabric in it now, and don't even think about putting even what would be considered a medium-large load in it, because it flat up will not wash. You can put a level on it, and it shows leveled, but it still won't operate worth anything. My wife is so put out by it at this point that she has even talked about getting an old ringer washer (seriously). Sears keeps coming out here because we had purchased the extended warranty and truly if they had simply replaced the washer after the 2nd trip to the house, they would have more than paid for the replacement washer even. Instead, they keep coming, looking at it, then having to "order parts," and then come back a couple weeks later to put the shipped parts (which sit around our house), back in to repair it each time. All the while, we go without a washer or barely can wash any clothes. We have even taken clothes to the Laundry mat during one of the repair instances, because we can't just have mounds of clothes piled up for their month long service. It is ridiculous how little it seems that Sears and Whirlpool care about their customers. I have gone to and and complained at both. I have called both of their 800 lines in the past and again, yielded nothing to truly depict either company cares. It just goes to prove that customer satisfaction is far less valuable to either of these companies than the bottom dollar profits in our opinion. I don't know where else to post our concerns/frustrations, so anyone can see how put out these two companies have caused us and don't care, but if anyone knows of anywhere else I can post blogged concerns, please let me know.

I have complained previously about a dishwasher that we had purchased that we had numerous issues with. Those complaints fell on deaf ears to Whirlpool and really Sears as well. I don't think all the washers are duds, but this one has been nothing but trouble, and Sears won't just replace it, Whirlpool don't care. I have been given the run around that it is because there isnt THREE (3) service calls in a 12 month period for the EXACT same issue, well I am sorry that it doesnt appear to be just ONE thing!!! I have had it with these services calls, parts having to be ordered, only to hit the crazy REPEAT button again every time! This is far from good customer service in my opinion, but rather away to assure the most profit is achieved! Thanks.


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