Sears - Restocking fee

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 5:17pm CDT by f3ffd653

Company: Sears

Location: Davis Hwy
Pensacola, Fl, US

Category: Other

Recently bought a plasma tv that had just arrived. The model was not set up for display and the salesperson could not say when or if it would be, but assured me it was similar to another model on display. Took it home, saw the picture was much darker than the display model shown and research confirmed that particular display was technologically inferior.

No problem; I decided to exchange the tv for one that cost 60% more. I brought the tv back fully repackaged as I received it. The salesperson said great he would take care of everything, left for a minute, then came back and said there would be a 15% restocking fee. I was floored; had no idea big box retailers still charged restocking fees. I returned a 500 dollar camera from Sears in 2009 with no questions asked.

The area manager said Sears only marks up their entire tv line by 1%. It didn't matter how much I spent on a better model. I asked her how Sears hoped to compete with Best Buy and Walmart, but she feigned no idea other retailers had done away with restocking fees.

I pointed to the large sign on the counter that said satisfaction guaranteed, returns up to thirty days, but she pointed out a smaller sign hidden between the register and a counter that detailed the fee. I tried to explain how long I've been a Sears customer, but would have a hard time choosing Sears over other retailers for my appliance purchases after this experience. She said nothing but "fine" and walked away with her handbag and a creepy smile.

I ordered all my clothes from a Sears Roebuck catalog as a child. I bought all my appliances from Sears. Likely spent 30,000 dollars there in my lifetime. They gained a lifelong enemy over 74 dollars.


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