GE Appliances - GE Microwave no longer ....HEATS???

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 4:11pm CDT by fd729199

Company: GE Appliances

Location: US

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GE has always been reputable and had good products that last - but now they have hopped onto the bandwagon with every other appliance maker and have planned obsolescence of their parts, which will die with 6 weeks of their first Birthday. I paid $150 for this microwave at Walmart, last June 22, 2011 and today, my microwave works, but no longer HEATS! I am told that I can pay a service Tech to come out and assess it but they will not ship that part, which IS covered because it should not have worn out (as displayed by her apology), but the LABOR is I asked if I can have my "nuclear physicist" spouse take care of it, which they declined. So, I can be forced to pay them then to repair a part that shouldn't have worn out to begin with?? How is that a quality service repair? I am disappointed GE. I have never heard of a microwave being repaired and I fail to see why if a part wore out that should NOT have worn out, can you not replace the microwave?

I will definitely reconsider ever making a major appliance purchase of a GE product again.


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