Yola.com - Yola.com service SUCKS!

Posted on Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 4:19am CDT by 08d2f6aa

Product: Yola.com

Company: Yola.com

Location: Cape Town, ZA

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Yola.com service SUCKS!

There are always two sides to a disagreement, especially when belligerence and tempers are prominent in the dispute.

A synopsis: If service staff cannot handle the heated pressure that sometimes dominates an unusual set of financially strained set of circumstances; and, if service staff do not possess the mental tenacity to comprehend a competitive world in proportion to costs incurred, I have to ask: what are they doing on the Yola.com team?

If Yola.com is serious about resolving disputes, please look at the sequence of my correspondence and the insipid replies from both Jackie and Monique from Yola.com "service"; (school girls who have spilt their nail varnish?) and try to understand my anger at their INABILITY TO ANSWER SIMPLE QUESTIONS! At my expense; literally.

When they deserved the insults and expletives hurled at them, they behaved with spite, (so typical of religious apologists), and promptly reduced my status without negotiation. Of course, Yola.com is never at fault. They then follow their ignorant-sycophant behaviour with a statement that they would be willing to talk provided I behaved myself! DIMWITS!

After their patronising lie, they promptly chose to ignore all further correspondence.

If a company cannot handle pressure from the public, what are they doing in the domain of customer service? They wouldn't last a second at Apple. Perhaps it is because these two individuals live in South Africa where third-world service is the norm.

Adam Brown, your four start rating has slipped to a zero start rating: no matter what features and benefits a company may possess, if they cannot provide a service, they suck; and Yola.com service sucks!

Wake up Yola.com: This is the real world, not a schoolgirl reunion for dimwits who have spilt their nail varnish!

George Richard Cunning


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