Monro Muffler and Brake

Posted on Thursday, July 19th, 2012 at 4:00pm CDT by 509e1d18

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Location: 3702 Franklin Road SW
Roanoke, Vi, 24014, US

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ormally I do all of my own work. I'm a good shade tree mechanic and modify, repair my vehicles on a regular basis and with good result. However the one thing I can't do is muffler work. I don't have the facility or tools to do so.

When I bought an aftermarket exhaust kit for my 2001 Cherokee my first thought was to have a locally owned shop do it. Instead I took it to Monro Muffler on Franklin Road. I was greeted by Chris the store manager and to say he's rude is an understatement. I belive he may have been trying to be funny, but instead he came off as terribly obnoxious. Obnoxiousness does not preclude good work so I pressed on.

I was told there would be a wait and that I could make an appointment if I prefer. The following morning I called and made an appointment for 1PM. I was given a quote of $93 for the installation.

I arrived at 12:45 and my Jeep was not pulled in the shop until after 2pm. So much for appointments...

I told Chris I wanted to keep my old catalytic converter, they fetch good money at scrap yards, and was given a hard time over that. I pressed on and insisted I get the old cat back. He relented after I emntioned that law states I can have my old parts back. But I made sure after the tech was finished that it went in the Jeep and not their pile of old cats.

I explained to the tech what I wanted done and he got to work. The tech was -pleasant enough and tried hard but was obviously inept at his job. He made poor cuts to the existing exhaust hangars andf his welds were awful.

When it was all done I kept an eye on the converter and had it put in the back of the Jeep.

When I went to pay the price had went from $93 to $106. I was told this was because I kept "giving the tech advice." By advice I believe he meant I told the tech how I wanted the exhaust hung so it doesn't contact the rear bumper? I'm also told that they used a hangar. A quick Google search reveals that these hangars sell for $3 to the consumer.

At this point I'm annoyed that I've allowed my Jeep to be worked on by an amateur, and am paying for it, and am being talked to like an idiot by Chris. It's still on the rack and I didn't have the urge to dicker over $13.

I live about six miles from the shop. By the time I got home the rear exhaust hangar, the one I paid for, had come loose. The poor weld had broken.

The next morning I am at the shop when they open. When I walk in Chris addresses me with "What do you want?"

The exchange was short. I told him the hangar broke before I got home and I need it rewelded. He told me I'd have to leave the vehicle. I couldn't leave the vehicle and saw no reason to. He was incredibly rude to the point that I asked "that onbnoxious act doesn't stop does it?"

"It's not an act" was his response. I got the number from him for the district Marketing Manager, LC Miller, and left.

I immediately called and left message for Mr Miller and headed to the other side of town to the Monro on Williamson Road.

Don, the store manager, on Williamson couldn't have been better. He looked at the receipt, pulled a car off a rack, put the Jeep on the rack, and had me gone in less than 20 minutes. He apologized for the inconvience and was extremly polite and professional.

I need to note that Don's shop was as busy as the one on Franklin. Also, I arrived, as I did at Franklin, before his techs arrived. But since I had such a small repair and it was Monro's fault I was wasting my time he took care of me first. THAT is good customer service!!

While this is going on LC MIller calls me back. As I was telling him about Chris and what he said to me he kept cutting me off and telling me what a nice guy Chris is and how I had gotten there too early and ... Basically he blew me off. You rpobably know how the conversation went.

So in short, stay away from the Monro on Franklin Road and don't be afraid of the one on Williamson.


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