Australia Post - australia Post Unaccountable

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 8:16am CDT by ef3dff1d

Company: Australia Post

Location: AU

Category: Other

Australia post are not accountable it seems for the preservation of mail. They do not recognize the term "do not bend". They have no regard for the state of the mail, as long as it gets delivered.

Today I had a book delivered which was A4 size and purchased online. The envelope was clearly marked with the bookshop name yet it was crammed into the little space reserved for newspapers above the mail slot.

On previous occasions, when I have complained about this poor service, I had no success and despite replacing my standard letterbox with one wide enough to accept an A4 envelope the problem continued and I eventually cancelled a magazine subscription.

Private couriers are held accountable for goods delivered in a damaged condition. Why not Australia Post? a call to the Ombudsman was a complete waste of time because they can only monitor Australia Post's manner of responding to the complaint. They have no jurisdiction over their policy framework.


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