Yes My Bride - Yes My Bride Wedding Dress Rip-Off

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 4:10pm CDT by a890cdd5

Product: Bridesmaids' Dresses

Company: Yes My Bride

Location: 20275 Rae Road
Bend, Or, 92271, US


Category: Other

We ordered bridesmaids' dresses for our daughter's wedding from a company called Yes My Bride. On some of their websites they claim to be located in Bend, Oregon, and on others they claim to be located in France. They may have addresses in those locations, but they're from China. Also, they were originally ybridal or yesbridal, but they got so many negative reports that they changed their name. These reports are still easily accessed online.

They promised us that the dresses would arrive no later than June 10 for my daughter's June 30, 2012 wedding. When the dresses didn't arrive by the 10th, they promised that they would arrive no later than June 21st. They told us that they send them to China first because shipping from China is much cheaper than in the United States. (I don't know how stupid they think we are.) The dresses never arrived. We had to drive 100 miles to Billings, Montana on the day before the wedding to purchase new dresses.

When we contacted them to request a refund for the missing dresses they would only offer a refund on the shipping, even though their website promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The dresses finally arrived five days after the wedding. They were wrapped in a strange, cloth-like paper that had Chinese characters printed on the outside. We didn't open the dresses because we were refusing delivery, but we could see through the rips in the "paper" that they weren't even the right colors. Also, the entire bundle smelled sickeningly of some kind of strong chemical. the dresses had obviously been sent from China to their US facility and then sent on to us.

Fortunately, we had purchased the dresses through PayPal, and they ruled in our favor and are supposed to be returning our money. This company is a huge disappointment, and if you look around the internet you will find many dissatisfied customers. Good luck.


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